Where the Wild Things Are: Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh Fringe


I have no known connection to Scotland. For all I know, my ancestry goes back to when the first humans arrived in the land that is now mainland China and settled there until 1990 when my mother boarded a plane and arrived in La Guardia, Queens in New York City with two suitcases and $300 in her pocket. My Company, on the other hand, has traced part of his lineage back to the Mackenzie clan of the western Scottish highlands. Steeped in mystery with emerald green mountains, navy oceans and lochs with an unsettling fog that moves through the land during early mornings, Scotland would be the next destination in our exploration. Continue reading “Where the Wild Things Are: Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh Fringe”

Re-Discovering Running: A Former Couch Potato’s Resolution


I’m shifting gears this week and instead of writing about travel learnings, personal musings and stories, I’m focusing on a hobby: running. If you had just asked me a week ago, I’d deny running was a hobby of mine. Hobbies are something you like, not something you dread. Hobbies bring you joy and value, not pain and discomfort. In short, until last night, I had hated it.  Continue reading “Re-Discovering Running: A Former Couch Potato’s Resolution”