Santorini Escape

Quick stop on the ferry en route to Santorini from Athens. Shot on iPhone 6.

As our ferry departed Athens for Santorini, I could feel every second of hectic city life dissipate into the waves. We had a really big year, both emotionally and professionally, and I was looking forward to the future. But, before that exciting future, we had a vacation to enjoy. Every little moment.

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Four Nights in Athens, Greece


Two countries later, I cannot stop thinking about Athens. We were told, “3 days are all you need,” and when I had suggested Greece as a vacation spot a year earlier, my Company had strongly refused. Yet after a short few days, as we woke after an evening out with new friends from across the Globe (Zambia, to be exact) and having drunk ouzo deeply into a night that turned into morning, we weren’t ready to leave.

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