Letters to Our Baby – Letter 6, The Days of Change

Written August 5, 2020. Can someone tell me where the last 6 weeks went? I’ve been spending some nights recently looking at photos. If I put the photos of our baby from his first 6 weeks against the photos recently, I could make the case that I’m looking at 2 different kids. At almost 12 […]

Letters to Our Baby – Letter 5, Newborn

The Longest Shortest Weeks  Begun June 16, 2020 – 1 month mark. Completed June 26 at 6 week mark. Please excuse the scattered, nonlinear thoughts.  “I lost time I didn’t even know I had.” — Daniel “What are you worried about?” — Our Midwives; “I’m not worried about birth. I think that’ll be painful, but […]

Letters to Our Baby – Letter 3, Unexpected Pregnancy Megalomania

Written April 25, 2020 What do Sheryl Sandberg, Jim Henson, and my pregnancy have in common? * * * * * Sometime around month 4 just into my second trimester, I distinctly remember waking up with a sudden feeling of massive life failure: “I’m 33, 4 months pregnant, and what life accomplishments do I have […]

Letters to Our Baby – Letter 2, Home Birth

Written April 16, 2020 When a family member, M*, decided to do a home birth a few years ago in the US, we all freaked out. Those in the inner circle that she shared this with were told to keep it strictly secret from her parents. When a family friend (a doctor) found out about […]